Health Career Pathway

2022-23 Orientation Materials

HCC Orientation Recording 8/17/22 (click here)
Orientation Slides (click here)

These two hour long orientations are almost identical. They include different guest speakers, but content is mostly the same. There were two orientations to give people an opportunity to join one or the other.

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We are pleased to be a domestic outreach program of Operation Giving Back of the American College of Surgeons.
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What is the Health Career Collaborative?

An exciting and innovative link between high school students and teaching partners in health and medicine, the Health Career Collaborative is designed to bring to life the possibilities of further studies and careers in medicine and the allied health sciences.

This program centers on inspiration, cultivating a feeling of real potential, and awakening a sense of vision and purpose in students’ educational journey. It is an opportunity to build meaningful relationships between a cohort of high school students at an early stage in their development and a team of dedicated older students and health care professionals who are immersed in the practice of delivering medical care and health services.

Spread across three years of carefully constructed programming, the Health CareerCollaborative model offers an approach to capture students and spark excitement in the tenth grade, deepen specific knowledge and insights in the eleventh grade, and then apply the experience and understanding in community health leadership roles in the twelfth grade. Each year is designed to build on the learning and confidence of the previous year while also offering a self-contained experience of meaning and value to all who participate.

To learn more about the Health Career Collaborative, please visit the following links:

Mission and Goals: Mission

Health Career Collaborative Team: About Us

Specific curriculum contents: Curricula Please note that teaching materials used by medical students and other teaching partners require a password to access. 

Online resources  for high schools students:  For H.S Students

Information about Program Sites: Program Sites

Feedback from Students and Teachers: Feedback

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