Welcome to those of you who are drawn to share your commitment and inspiration with high school students who will both learn from your experience and give back to you with their unique perspectives, insights, and ideas. As teaching partners, whether you are a medical student, a health educator, or classroom teacher, you are central to the success of the Health Career Collaborative. As mentors and effective outreach teachers, you are creating the relationship and kindling the enthusiasm that opens doors to great possibilities while deepening the space of shared understanding about the challenges faced by students in school today.

The Health Career Collaborative follows high school students through the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades and provides engaging, unique, hands-on curricula for medical students to implement at each grade level. The following three links lead you into the detailed program outlines and course materials for the Health Career Collaborative curriculum across three years.

10th grade curriculum – A Hands on Introduction to Healthcare through Emergency Medicine

11th grade curriculum – Deepening Understanding of Health Science in the Context of Public Health

12th grade curriculum – Understanding Public Health through the Lense of Community Needs