HCC Oakland

Congratulations to UCB-UCSF JMP medical students Sarah Schear, Rachel Kelley, Max Binstock; and Samuel Merritt University student Zita Hodge-Wren who are recipients of the Health Career Academy Program Initiation Grant sponsored by Aetna’s Division of Racial and Ethnic Equality.

HCA Oakland is now in its third year as a partnership between the University of California Berkeley/University of California San Francisco Joint Medical Program (UCB-UCSF JMP), Samuel Merritt University (SMU), and Madison Park Business and Art Academy. The HCA faculty sponsor at the UCB-UCSF JMP is Dr. Amy Garlin, co-director of the program’s medical curriculum. The faculty sponsor at SMU is Shirley Strong, Chief Diversity Officer, who supervises SMU’s President’s Ambassadors program.