NAHSE HCC Partnership

National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE) & Health Career Collaborative (HCC)

NAHSE is proud to partner with HCC to bring additional mentorship and support to high school students from low-income and racial/ethnic minority communities. NAHSE members can organize hospital field trips; provide insight into careers in health administration; mentor high school students; and visit classrooms to provide innovative lessons designed to prepare students for success in the workplace.

Health Career Collaborative Goals: The HCC offers an exceptional and diverse team who, equipped with a wealth of knowledge, expertise and a diverse set of backgrounds, experiences and insights, provides mentorship, engaging health curriculum, and exposure to health careers to high school students from low-income, underrepresented minority communities. Goals include:

  1. Engage students in project-based learning with a focus on science and health care related issues
  2. Encourage students to graduate from high school (current graduation rates at partner high schools 50-60%)
  3. Model a diverse range of health-related career pathways
  4. Empower students to identify the most pressing health needs in their community and engage students in community-based health promotion activities

NAHSE Volunteer Expectations: NAHSE aims to support the mission of the HCC by adding healthcare administrators and healthcare management professionals who build on the academy’s existing diversity of knowledge and expertise. NAHSE volunteers may also serve as mentors to the high school students, helping to instill core values of integrity, professionalism, leadership and achievement during one hour visits to HCC high school classrooms.

  1. Have fun! 
  2. During your one-hour visit, collaborate with medical student-teachers to engage and share expertise with the high school students:
    • Share career path, current role and scope of responsibility
    • Discuss educational and professional background (including relevance of an advanced degree)
    • Consider incorporating, via network, other healthcare administration professionals who can also share similar information
    • Engage high school students in chosen NAHSE HCC lesson which you can download from the website: under NAHSE HCC Lessons tab. Password: NAHSE
  3. Commit to at least one session at the high school – but please consider going a few times to build relationships with the students.
  4. OPTIONAL: Take appropriate/approved photos of each visit – these are shared via the NAHSE chapter website.
  5. RECOMMENDED: Share details of visit experience(s), including student/teacher feedback, using the “Track Volunteer Activity” form (electronic form available at