HCC Remote Implementation

Webinar recording: Health Career Collaborative Remote Implementation Plan: Creating Communities of Care and Engagement

On this page, you will find:
I. HCC Remote Implementation Check-List
II. Pre-participation survey link
III. $20 Amazon Gift Card Winner Entry Form
IV. Check-in Options
V. Engagement Tools
VI. Adapted Curriculum
i. COVID-19 curriculum (5 lessons)
ii. ED patient cases (8 lessons)
iii. Surgical Robotics (4 lessons)

I. HCC Remote Implementation Check-list

II. Pre-and Post-participation Surveys for High School Students

Pre-survey: Please ask high school student participants to complete the pre-participation survey before your first session. Copy and paste this link to send to students: https://forms.gle/3Z37FRp1JY526DgY8

Post-survey: Please ask high school student participants to complete the post-participation survey after your last session. Copy and paste this link to send to students: https://forms.gle/5W15iiWtKSLqqP1v7

Every student who completes the survey will be entered into a raffle for a $50 Amazon Gift card.

III. $20 Amazon Gift Card Raffle Winners

Please enter name and email of raffle winners here.

HCC students are eligible for the $20 gift card raffle IF they:
1) login within first 5 min.
2) participate in chat
3) stay until the end
Each site can offer up to 10 amazon gift cards per high school.

IV. Check-in Options

We recommend every class begin with a “check-in” to make sure each HCC high school student participant feels seen, heard, and understood during this challenging time.

i. Break-out rooms: allow pre-assigned small group check-ins. This 3 minute tutorial shows you how to utilize breakout rooms in zoom.

ii. Check-ins/ Ice-breaker resources:
a. fun and “light”check-in question ideas
b. 130 check-in questions for remote learning
c. HCC shared google slides (enter successful check-ins/ice-breakers here)
d. 21 ice-breaker ideas

iii. Engagement Tools below are great options for check-ins and ice-breakers. Try having students answer short questions by hovering over their names and re-naming themselves with their answer in zoom.

V. Engagement Tools

A Case for Social Connectedness and Student Mental Health | The ...

The following tools are designed to increase student engagement with online sessions.

Pear Deck – Pear Deck provides an add-on to Google Slides that allows synchronous or asynchronous interactive engagement with any slide presentation. Create a Peardeck educator account at https://www.peardeck.com/remote-learning-educators then add Pear Deck from within Google Slides under “Add-Ons” in the slides menu.

Flipgrid – Flipgrid is a curated, short-video creation space where students can record and post brief videos in response to a query or prompt from a mentor. Videos can be shared just to the mentor or shared to everyone in the flipgrid. It’s simple, fairly easy to use, and free. Create an account and try it here: https://info.flipgrid.com/

Jamboard – Jamboard is Google’s free, interactive whiteboard – a Jamboard link shared to students allows simultaneous, real-time collaboration with pens and sticky notes. You can ‘write’ on a blank whiteboard or paste an image down as background. Access from a gmail account at: https://jamboard.google.com/

Google Forms – Google forms offers simple, quick surveys with diverse question formats that can generate almost immediate collective feedback. As the author of a Google Form survey, you can then share the summary responses anonymously back to all participants. Link can be shared in Zoom chat, by email, or posted on a website. Create your own survey at: https://docs.google.com/forms

Here’s a short slide set that shows what each of these tools looks like with a few examples: Tools for Remote Engagement

VI. Adapted Curriculum

The following lessons have been adapted for remote implementation. The lessons promote engagement with crisp text, questions to be answered in chat, and short video clips. We recommend downloading slides to computer prior to zoom presentation for smoother delivery.

i. COVID-19 Curriculum

3. HCC COVID-19 Lecture_Mental Illness in Adolescents

4. HCC COVID-19 Lecture_Wellbeing and Self-Care During the Pandemic

5. HCC COVID-19 Lecture_Careers and Career Paths in Mental Health

6. HCC COVID-19 Lecture_Vaccines Part 1: Immune Response and Vaccine Science – click to download slides
Vaccines Part 1 – Presenter Notes

7. HCC COVID-19 Lecture_Vaccines Part 2: Epidemiology of Vaccines and COVID Vaccine Development – click to download slides
Vaccines Part 2 – Presenter Notes

8. HCC COVID-19 Lecture_Vaccines Part 3: COVID-19 Vaccine

9. HCC COVID-19 Lecture_Vaccines, Delta Variant, and Booster Shots

10. HCC COVID-19 Lecture_Social Determinants of Health – click to download slides
Social Determinants of Health – Presenter Notes

ii. Cases:

Concussion Case
google slides concussion case
google slides concussion case with PearDeck engagement tool

Subdural Hematoma Case
google slides subdural hematoma case
google slides subdural hematoma case with PearDeck engagement tool

Gunshot Wound Case
google slides gunshot wound case
google slides gunshot wound case with PearDeck engagement tool

Shoulder Dislocation
google slides shoulder dislocation case
google slides shoulder dislocation with PearDeck engagement tool

iii. Surgical Robotics:

Primer Lesson: Surgical Robotics and Design Thinking

Surgical Robotics and Design Thinking – Slides

Surgical Robotics and Design Thinking – Presenter Notes

Lesson 1: Open, Laparoscopic, and Robotic Surgery (includes Surgical Time-Out Role Play)

Lesson 2: Surgical Cases

Lesson 3: Highlights of Famous Engineers and Quiz Bowl

Virtual Suture Clinic Lesson Plan (click to download)
Want to hold a virtual suture clinic for your HCC students? This lesson plan from HCC Chicago guides you through the steps they used to create a successful virtual suture clinic.