HCC Moultrie

HCC Moutire was initiated in 2021 as a partnership between PCOM South Georgia and Brooks County High School.

The faculty sponsor of the program at the medical school is Dana Brooks, MEd, Director of Admissions, PCOM South Georgia.

Dana Brooks, MEd
HCC Faculty Sponsor, Director of Admissions, PCOM South Georgia

The High School Program Leader at Brooks County High School is Zinda McDaniel under the leadership of Principal Chris Chastain.

The 2021-22 HCC medical student directors are Herve Peacemaker Ineza and Lance Shealy.

HCC medical student co-directors are Justice Dove, Anthony Dove, Vikash Patel, Iris Riveria, Tony Scuvia, Matthew Peterman, Derek George, and (not pictured) Neel Patel, Tamryn VanDerHorn, Dana Marie Gould, Laurier’l Latimer, Sara Meawad, and Himanshu Rambhai.

Prior to this partnership with Brooks County High School, PCOM South Georgia partnered with Bainbridge High School to offer HCC programming as pictured below: