HCC Surgery Curriculum Videos

The following videos explain how and why surgeries are done while showing you what the surgeon sees in real time. Medical student mentors, watching these videos will help you prepare for your surgery clerkship. You may incorporate these videos into lessons for HCC high school students about anatomy or as preparation for a field trip to a surgical simulation center or preparation for a surgical robotics experience from Intuitive. Or you can have a series of lessons about surgery that incorporate these videos. Please alert students that they are going to be seeing a surgeon’s view which includes organs inside the body. We recommend that you show these videos to students, pausing every few minutes to answer questions and check for understanding. 

Video 1: Principles of Telehealth
In this comprehensive 17 minute video, internist Dr. Delmonico shares his career path and describes how many forms of telehealth are utilized to care for patients remotely.
Video 2: Telehealth for Intensive Care
In this fascinating 13 min. video, trauma and critical care surgeon Dr. Schenarts describes how he uses telehealth to treat patients anywhere who need specialized care.

Robotic Surgery Videos:

Video 1: Treating Endometriosis with Robotic Surgery
In this HIGHLY ENGAGING 9 minute video, gynecologic surgeon Dr. Tang describes her career, the pathophysiology of endometriosis, and how she utilizes robotic surgery to treat endometriosis.
Video 2: Principles of Robotic Surgery:
In this 12 min video, surgeon Dr. Schoonyoung describes how robotics is used in surgery and the importance of STEM learning for surgery. He also shows many exciting clips of live surgeries using robotics.
(Please ignore title that says telehealth)
Video 3: How Robotics has changed Surgical Practice
In this 20 min video, surgeon Dr. Kudsi, describes the innovation of robotic surgery and shows and explains multiple examples of live robotic surgeries.