12th grade program session plans

The 12th grade program session plans are designed to provide a framework from which to build a unique community health fair program. Please keep in mind, the most successful sessions have minimal lecture and are comprised mostly of discussion and small group work. The key is to empower high school students to determine what their community needs and to support them to create a health fair to address these needs. 

The session framework listed below includes 8 sessions (including the health fair). You may include more sessions if you are able, and it may be possible to have fewer session if necessary.

Session 1:  Intro to 12th grade program:  Walk the Halls

Session 2:  Listening to the Community and Planning Logistics

Print for session 2: Community-Health-Interview-Questions

Session 3:  Community Responses, Asset Identification, Topic Identification, and Determining Potential Community Partners

Print for session 3: Community Asset Interview Questions

SAMPLE 8 WEEK PLAN: GA-PCOM HCA 12th grade program outline, Courtesy of Hannah Shin, GA-PCOM